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IP2 with optional drawers

almost as much fun as swearing...

The Ink Pad Palace™, or IP2™, is the most versatile and efficient ink pad storage unit on the market. It will accommodate 60 standard sized ink pads, is wide enough to fit the extra large pads (up to 8½" wide) and even has room for re-inking bottles when storing standard sized ink pads.

The Ink Pad Palace™ will accommodate 40 Stampin' Up™ pads with room for reinkers or other small stamping supplies.

It's made from white corrugated cardboard that is just waiting to be embellished!

When fully assembled, it stands 17 9/16" high, is 8 15/16" wide (from left to right in the photo at the right), and 3 13/16" deep (front to back). The inside shelves are 1 5/8" high, measuring from the inside.

The Ink Pad Palace™ is made in the USA and is 100% recyclable.
It is shipped flat with simple directions for easy assembly that will have your ink pads organized in just minutes!

IP2 shown with standard size ink pads

The Ink Pad Palace™